Average dip directions from intervals of dipmeter log in drill hole CRP-2A

Bedding dips in the CRP-2A drillhole were determined in two ways (1) analysis of a dipmeter log, and (2) identification of bed boundaries on digital images of the outer core surface. The two methods document the downhole increase in structural dip, to a maximum of 15° in the lowest 150 m of the hole. Dipmeter data, which are azimuthally oriented, indicate a 75° azimuth for structural tilting, in agreement with seismic reflection profiles. Core and log dips indicate that structural dip increases by 5-7° between 325 and 480 mbsf. Both, however, also exhibit high dip inhomogeneity because of depositional (e.g., cross bedding) and post-depositional (e.g., softsediment deformation) processes. This variability adds ambiguity to the search for angular unconformities within the CRP-2A drillhole. Dip directions of different lithologies are generally similar, as are dip directions for the four kinds of systems tracts. Downdip azimuths of sands and muds are slightly different from those of diamicts, possibly reflecting the divergence between ENE offshore dip and ESE glacial advance.

Supplement to: Jarrard, Richard D; Brink, Jason; Bücker, Christian J; Wonik, Thomas; Wilson, Terry; Paulsen, Timothy S (2000): Bedding dips in CRP-2A, Victoria Land Basin, Antarctica. Terra Antartica, 7(3), 261-270

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Spatial Coverage (163.719 LON, -77.006 LAT); off Cape Roberts, Ross Sea, Antarctica
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