Remote sensing-based driving factors of desertification in the Algerian steppic zone

This dataset is made-up of 14 spatio-temporal (stacks of) layers of remote sensing-based variables that are known to be driving factors of desertification. Each (stack of) layer(s) cover(s) the entire steppic zone in Algeria at 5 kilometers resolution. All files were cropped to match the boundaries of the steppic zone using the file steppic_zone.shp which is also part of this collection.

List of files: 01 - 2m_temperature_5km.tif 02 - soil_temperature_level_1_5km.tif 03 - total_precipitation_5km.tif 04 - runoff_5km.tif 05 - total_evaporation_5km.tif 06 - evaporation_from_vegetation_transpiration_5km.tif 07 - 10m_u_component_of_wind_5km.tif 08 - 10m_v_component_of_wind_5km.tif 09 - volumetric_soil_water_5km.tif 10 - soil_type_5km.tif 11 - population_density_GPWv4_5km.tif 12 - DEM-elevation_5km.tif 13 - DEM-aspect_5km.tif 14 - DEM-slope_5km.tif 15 -

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Publication Year 2024
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