Electromagnetic and related benthic profiles from the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand


Processed electromagnetic parameters (magnetic susceptibility and electric conductivity) along 33 profiles in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. Measurements were taken with the benthic profiler MARUM NERIDIS III. Related parameters are the porosity (according to Archie equation using standard values), concentration of stochiometric magnetite equivalent to the measured susceptibility, electric conductivity and temperature of bottom water (measured with on-board CTD), turbidity (measured with connected turbidity sensor), depth (two measurements with NERIDIS CTD and ship-mounted multibeam where available), relative backscatter (where available, measured with sidescan sonar), lithofacies (based on samples, see Kulgemeyer et al., 2016), distance along the profile, date (according to UTC) and time of the given day in ms (0 = UTC midnight), linenumber, location of points and individual point ID.

-Lithofacies 1: A fine sand mostly comprised of quartz and feldspars, ca. 2.5% mafic minerals (pyroxene, hornblende,biotite, opaque minerals) and volcanic glass.-Lithofacies 2a: Medium quartz/feldspar sand with ca. 5% mafic minerals and a small amount of volcanic glass.- Lithofacies 2b: Medium sand without volcanic glass.- Lithofacies 3a: Coarse sand, similar in composition to lithofacies 2b with additional rock fragments.- Lithofacies 3b: Coarse to very coarse sand variant of lithofacies 3a.- Lithofacies 4: Medium sand mixture of terrigenous components comparable to lithofacies 2b and bioclastics (shell fragments). - Lithofacies 5: A coarse sand, composed of siliciclastics comparable to lithofacies 3a and biogenic debris derived from bivalves and sponges. Pebble-sized and larger rock fragments are common.- Lithofacies 6: A shell detritus layer covering an unidentified substrate.

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Spatial Coverage (175.945W, -37.749S, 176.468E, -37.379N); Bay of Plenty
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Temporal Coverage End 2012-11-27T00:00:00Z