Effects of climate change on extreme sea levels in the North Sea (ECCES): regionalized MPIOM-REMO climate ensemble


The global climate model system MPI-ESM-LR was applied to create an ensemble of 30 members for the historical period 1950-2005 and a continuation of the simulations for the RCP8.5 period 2006-2099. Additionally, a pre-industrial control run was performed for 1950-2099 with atmospheric pCO2 of 1850. All members were subsequently directly regionalized using the regionally coupled MPIOM-REMO climate model system consisting of the global ocean model MPIOM focused with its horizontal resolution on the North Sea and the regional atmospheric model REMO over the EURO CORDEX22 region (euro-cordex.net), which was fully coupled with MPIOM in this region.

                For extreme value analyses, certain variables were stored with hourly time step. Here, global sea surface height and regional (EURO CORDEX22) u and v wind components at 10 m above ground are available. Further data can be requested from the authors.
DOI https://doi.org/10.26050/WDCC/ECCES_MPIOM-REMO
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