High-resolution stable water isotope composition of firn core LP-01 from Plateau Louis Phillipe, northern Antarctic Peninsula


Firn core LP-01 was recovered from Plateau Louis Phillipe, which is located approximately 40 km south of Plateau Laclavere, at about 1390 m a.s.l. The core was drilled in January 2016 to a depth of 21.38 m. Core LP-01 was obtained using a portable solar-powered and electrically operated ice-core drill (Backpack Drill; icedrill.ch AG). Subsamples for stable water isotope analysis were obtained from the core at 5 cm resolution. Stable water isotope measurements were performed at the ISOLAB Stable Isotope Facility of the Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) in Potsdam, Germany, in autumn 2018, using cavity ring-down spectrometers L2130-i and L2140-i (Picarro Inc.) coupled to an auto-sampler (L2130-i: PAL HTC-xt, CTC Analytics AG; L2140-i: Picarro Autosampler, Picarro Inc.). The core has not been dated yet.

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Publication Year 2023
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