Lake Uddelermeer: Holocene Geochemistry data (alkanes, GDGt, delta-Deuterium, CNHS)


This dataset provides the geochemistry data for the Holocene sediment sequence retrieved from Lake Uddelermeer (The Netherlands) in 2012. Additionally, alkane concentrations for a set of modern leaf samples are provided. Concentrations of fossil alkanes, GDGTs as well as elemental (C, N, S, H) and compound-specific delta Deuterium measurements are presented against both depth (cm) and age (cal yr. BP). A total of 59 samples were analysed. Modern leaf alkane concentrations are presented as concentrations, 10 samples were analysed. The geochemical data provides information about regional vegetation change as well as changes in effective precipitation. It was produced to inform on the age and duration of major environmental transitions during the middle and late Holocene. Cores were retrieved from the lake using a 3-m long handheld piston corer deployed from a floating coring platform during field work in April and May 2012. Samples were obtained from splits of the core and processed in the laboratory of the University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands) using standard protocols (CNHS, alkane concentrations), the laboratory of Utrecht University (the Netherlands; GDGT concentrations) and at GFZ Potsdam (Germany; delta Deuterium). Name of the Campaign: UDD Event Label: UDD-E Method: Uwitec piston corer Latitude: 52.24652778 Longitude: 5.76097222 Elevation: 24m asl Date/Time of event: 2012-05-01T14:00:00 Further information about event: Lake sediment sequence retrieved using a 60 mm piston corer deployed from a floating platform.

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Creator van den Bos, Valerie; Engels, Stefan ORCID logo; Bohncke, Sjoerd J P; Cerli, C; Jansen, Boris ORCID logo; Kalbitz, Karsten; Peterse, Francien ORCID logo; Renssen, Hans; Sachse, Dirk ORCID logo
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Publication Year 2023
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