Upwelling solar radiance at lake water level within intercalibration campaign from Lake Süßer See (Germany) during the Inland Water Remote Sensing Validation Campaign 2017


Radiometric measurement with Trios Ramses system. All Trios measurements averaged over reliable common times. The viewing zenith angle was approx. 45°. The surface reflectance factors rho are only given for 40 or 50°. If rho is to high, there is an overcorrection of Lw and Rrs. For this three methods for correction are applied: constant factor rho, Mobley 1999 and Mobley 2015 (Mobley 1999 related to 50°, Mobley 2015 related to 40°).

Sky Code: 0; Wind speed: 2-4m/s; Air Temp: 24°C; Water Temp: 21,8°C; Salinity: 0,7g/kg; Secchi depth: 2,1m; Forel-Ule: 15-16

DOI https://doi.org/10.1594/PANGAEA.910099
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Publication Year 2023
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Spatial Coverage (11.678 LON, 51.496 LAT); Germany
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