Dataset belonging to the publication: "Catalyzed Henry Reaction by Compartmentalized Copper-Pyrazolyl-Complex Modified Microgels"


Raw and processed data for DLS, EPR, and SAXS measurements belonging to the publication "Catalyzed Henry Reaction by Compartmentalized Copper-Pyrazolyl-Complex Modified Microgels"

DLS measurements were performed on an ALV/CGS-3 Compact Goniometer System (ALV-Laser Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH, Hessen, Germany) with an ALV/LSE 5004 Tau Digital Correlator.

The SAXS experiments were performed at the CoSAXS beamline at the 3 GeV ring of the MAX-IV Laboratory (Lund, Sweden).

EPR spectra were recorded on a Miniscope MS 400 from Magnettech with a microwave frequency of 9.4 GHz.

The intensity time correlation functions of DLS measurements were analyzed using cumulant algorithm.

For SAXS measurements, the fitting of the obtained form factors was carried out using FitIt! software

The EPR spectra were simulated with the Matlab tool EasySpin, applying the simulation function pepper.

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Publisher RWTH Aachen University
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Publication Year 2024
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