Uranium series ages of cold-water corals from east Equatorial Atlantic and Reykjanes Ridge


U-series ages of deep-sea corals from east Equatorial Atlantic and Reykjanes Ridge defined by laser ablation method. Depths of east Equatorial Atlantic corals was retrieved by ROV. Depths of Reykjanes Ridge corals corresponds to the mean depth of the dredge on and off bottom, and depth range is the depth interval between the dredge on and off bottom. Selection code column indicates samples included (accepted) and not included (rejected) on age distribution discussion.

Column "depth range" corresponds to the depths between the depths of the dredge on and off bottom. This column is only applicable for the Reykjanes Ridge coral samples, since corals from east Equatorial Atlantic were collected by ROV.

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Publication Year 2022
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Spatial Coverage (-35.000W, 5.590S, 26.960E, 62.100N); Reykjanes Ridge; Carter Seamount, East Equatorial Atlantic; Knipovich Seamount, East Equatorial Atlantic
Temporal Coverage Begin 2008-04-21T00:00:00Z
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