CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage): CO2-Speicherung unter der Nordsee


CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) -  CO2 storage under the North Sea: CO2 capture and storage in geological formations can be applied to reduce CO2 emissions. In Europa, this technology has so far only been used in Norway where CO2 is stored in geological formations below the seabed. A new generation of projects is currently planned where CO2 from industrial sources located in the Netherlands, UK, Denmark, Norway and further European countries will be stored below the North Sea. The legal framework for CCS in Germany will be revised in 2024 to allow for CO2 storage and enable CCS for at least some applications. Environmental risks of CO2 storage below the seabed have been assessed in a number of European research projects. These risks turned out to be small. They can be further minimized by appropriate regulations. Since the CO2 storage capacity below the North Sea  is sufficiently large to harbor all CO2 that will be captured in Europe, CCS with CO2 storage below the seabed can contribute to the reduction of emissions in Germany and other countries located along the North Sea coast.


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