Mikroplankton abundance on the northern Patagonian shelf (Argentina) during a MV Prof. Bernardo Houssay cruise in September 2015


At each study station, surface water temperature (±0.2°C) and salinity (±0.06) were measured in situ by triplicate readings with a multiparameter probe (Horiba U-10, Japan). Using Niskin bottles, surface water samples were collected for quantification of plankton and estimations of chlorophyll a. For the former, 250 ml were fixed with Lugol's solution (1% final concentration) and kept in the dark until analysis under the microscope, while for chlorophyll a, a volume of 200–250 mL was filtrated onboard through filter GF/C and kept at -20°C.

DOI https://doi.org/10.1594/PANGAEA.896054
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Creator Guinder, Valeria A ORCID logo; Tillmann, Urban ORCID logo; Krock, Bernd; Delgado, Ana L ORCID logo; Krohn, Torben; Garzón Cardona, John E; Metfies, Katja; López Abbate, Celeste ORCID logo; Silva, Ricardo I; Lara, Rubén
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Spatial Coverage (-61.909W, -41.183S, -57.720E, -39.073N); Patagonian shelf, Argentina