Carbon and oxygen stable isotopes measured on benthic foraminifera from IODP Site 323-U1343


High latitude deep water upwelling has the potential to control global climate over glacial timescales through the biological pump and ocean-atmosphere CO2 exchange. However, there is currently a lack of continuous long nutrient upwelling records with which to assess this mechanism. In this study we present a new high-resolution multi-species benthic foraminiferal oxygen isotope record for an improved age model and produce the first assessment of the influence of glacial North Pacific Intermediate Water (GNPIW) at 2 km water depth in the Bering Sea. From this, we discuss the extent to which oceanographic changes in Bering Sea upwelling and GNPIW production may have contributed towards deep water upwelling and glacial-interglacial pCO2 changes in the subarctic Pacific over the last 850, 000 years.

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Publication Year 2019
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