Racial Bias in AI-Generated Images

This file is supplementary material for the manuscript Racial Bias in AI-Generated Images, which has been submitted to a peer-reviewed journal.This dataset/paper examined the image-to-image generation accuracy (i.e., the original race and gender of a person’s image were replicated in the new AI-generated image) of a Chinese AI-powered image generator. We examined the image-to-image generation models transforming the racial and gender categories of the original photos of White, Black and East Asian people (N =1260) in three different racial photo contexts: a single person, two people of the same race, and two people of different races. There are original images (e.g., WW1), AI-generated images (e.g., AM1_1, AM1_2, AM1_3), and SPSS files (Yang 230801 Racial bias in Meitu_Accuracy Paper.sav) in this dataset.

DOI https://doi.org/10.17026/SS/O9M6VR
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Contributor Yiran Yang
Publication Year 2024
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