CroMe interview with Mirjana Vujčić

The female interviewee is a woman from northwest Bosnia, born in 1960. She was two years old when her family moved to Kostrići. In 1979 she went to Zagreb in order to work as a nurse. She got married and lived a quiet life with her husband and children until she noticed that things were changing at work. All of a sudden it was relevant if another nurse was Serbian, for example. This never was an issue before. She describes more examples of this segregation, from a personal perspective. When the war started, her parents wanted to stay in Kostrići. It was here that they were killed during the war. She herself continued working and took care of their two young children, while her husband joined the army. It was a difficult and scary time, because she never knew whether her children were safe during the air raids, when she had to stay in the hospital. After Operation Storm she went to search for her family in Kostrići, together with her brother who had been in the army. They found the remains of their parents. Their sister and her young family are still missing, they found out that their sisters’ house was burned to the ground. Her feeling about the war is that it may have ended officially, but a lot of people still feel the hatred because of what people have done to each other in these years

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