KOSMOS Finland 2012 mesocosm study: carbonate chemistry, particulate and dissolved matter pools, and phytoplankton community composition using marker pigments (CHEMTAX)


Ocean acidification is expected to influence plankton community structure and biogeochemical element cycles. To date, the response of plankton communities to elevated CO2 has been studied primarily during nutrient-stimulated blooms. In this CO2 manipulation study, we used large-volume (~ 55 m3) pelagic in situ mesocosms to enclose a natural summer, post-spring-bloom plankton assemblage in the Baltic Sea to investigate the response of organic matter pools to ocean acidification.

Sampling depth integrated from 0-17 m if not indicated differently

Supplement to: Paul, Allanah Joy; Bach, Lennart Thomas; Schulz, Kai Georg; Boxhammer, Tim; Czerny, Jan; Achterberg, Eric Pieter; Hellemann, Dana; Trense, Yves; Nausch, Monika; Sswat, Michael; Riebesell, Ulf (2015): Effect of elevated CO2 on organic matter pools and fluxes in a summer Baltic Sea plankton community. Biogeosciences, 12(20), 6181-6203

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