Megafauna density observed using OFOS at the station HAUSGARTEN-I, 2017-2022


In 2017 - 2022, the Ocean Floor Observation System (OFOS) was used to survey epibenthic megafauna at the station HAUSGARTEN-I (79 N, 6 E, 1300 m depth). Data were collected every year except 2020 over a set transect. Images were collected automatically every 30 seconds, and additional images were collected manually when objects of interest came into view. For analysis, 90 automatically-recorded images were selected, with 30 each from the beginning, middle, and end of the transect. Images were individually viewed using the BIIGLE online image analysis tool, and all megafauna were annotated with identifications at the lowest possible taxonomic level. The area of each image was calculated using three parallel lasers mounted on the OFOS a known distance apart and visible in the images. Data represented here are the densities (individuals m^-2) for each species or morphotype in each image.

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Related Identifier References
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Creator Meyer-Kaiser, Kirstin ORCID logo
Publisher PANGAEA
Publication Year 2024
Rights Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International;
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Resource Type Dataset
Format text/tab-separated-values
Size 9450 data points
Discipline Earth System Research
Spatial Coverage (6.113W, 79.093S, 6.366E, 79.134N); North Atlantic; North Greenland Sea
Temporal Coverage Begin 2017-08-13T02:48:00Z
Temporal Coverage End 2022-06-16T02:43:45Z