Alkane, fatty acid, total (organic) carbon and nitrogen distribution in ancient permafrost deposits at the Batagay Megaslump, East Siberia


These datasets describe sediment samples taken from the Batagay megaslump, located in Yana Uplands in northeastern Siberia. Most sediment samples were taken from the slump headwall (B19-P1) by rapelling down on a rope from the slump surface and taking samples with a hole saw (diameter 55 mm, 40 mm deep) mounted on a handheld power drill. A second profile (B19-02) of the lowest part of the slump headwall was sampled (~100 m south) using a hammer and axe from the slump floor. Two permafrost sediment blocks (B19-03 and B19-04) at the slump bottom that had fallen from the headwall were sampled using a chainsaw. Finally, a baidzherakh (thermokarst mound; B19-05) in the north of the slump was sampled using a hammer and axe. The samples cover 5 stratigraphical units: 1. lower ice complex, 2. lower sand unit, 3. woody layer, 4. upper ice complex, 5. Holocene cover.

Three sub-sets of samples were taken next to each other at each depth for biomarker, sedimentology and aDNA analyses. The data in these datasets are from the biomarker sub-set.

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