Alignment of French Crop Usage Thesaurus and French National Taxonomic Repository TAXREF-LD


This dataset contains mappings of two complementary knowledge graphs useful in agriculture: the thesaurus of cultivated plants in France named French Crop Usage (FCU) and the French national taxonomic repository TAXREF for fauna, flora and fungi. FCU describes the usages of plants in agriculture: 'tomatoes' are crops used for human food, 'grapevines' are crops used for human food or beverage. TAXREF describes biological taxa and associated scientific names: for example, a tomato specie may be 'Solanum lycopersicum' or a grapevine specie may be 'Vitis vinifera'. Both knowledge graphs contain vernacular names of plants but those names are ambiguous. Thus a group of agricultural experts produced some mappings from FCU crops to TAXREF taxa. New mapping properties were defined to link crop usages with taxa. This vocabulary is available in the AgroPortal repository []. The file follows the SSSOM format version 1.0 []

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