High pressure study of charge density wave ordering in BaNi₂As₂


We will investigate the effect of high pressure on the crystal structure and charge density waves (CDWs) of superconducting BaNi2As2, a candidate system for charge-driven electronic nematicity. Chemical substitutions have shown the effective tuning of its electronic ground state by chemical pressure and have indicated the unconventional nature of the observed CDWs. The microscopic origin of the CDWs, their interplay and their association with the nematic instability remain to be clarified.

Raw data of the calibration with enstatite and raw data of samples c1,c2 and c3. The data were measured at beamline P02.2 (PETRA III, DESY) using a Perkin Elmer XRD 1621 detector and a beam energy of 42.71 keV. At each pressure and temperature, wide scans with 0.5 s exposures and 0.5° intervals and -25° to +30° rotation were performed. Beamtime for these measurements was allocated for proposal I-20200263.

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