Metastable phase formation and memory effects in barium borate glasses.


BaB4O7 glass crystallises to different polymorphs of the same composition depending on the prior thermal history of the glass and the surface area of the sample. This indicates that there is some nucleation memory effect in the bulk glass samples. Neither of the crystal phases formed (referred to as beta and delta) correspond to the thermodynamically stable alpha phase. We wish to perform total scattering experiments on all three crystal phases and on glasses which are as-prepared and also after heating to 950C, 1100C and 1400C to progressively destroy the nucleation memory. The effect is thought to reflect changes in the abundance of different superstructural units in the glass and the objective of the neutron study, supplemented by 11-B NMR and x-ray diffraction (to help resolve overlapping B-O and O-O correlations) is to identify these units and the barium environment.

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Creator Dr Diane Holland; Dr Oliver Alderman; Dr Alex Hannon; Dr Emma Barney
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