Soil physical and chemical properties of peat samples taken from different microtopes of cut-over bog in Northern Germany


The rewetting process currently implemented in the cut-over drained bog Himmelmoor as a case study (Quickborn, Northern Germany) offers a unique possibility to monitor the soil properties of peat from different microtopes before, during and after rewetting. In this research project, five study sites in the Himmelmoor with different microtopes, land-use history, vegetation cover, and water table level were examined: peat extraction area (E), ditch refilled with peat (D), peat dam (PD), rewetted in 2004 area (RV) and rewetted in 2009 area (R).

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Creator Vybornova, Olga; Pfeiffer, Eva-Maria ORCID logo; Kutzbach, Lars ORCID logo
Publisher PANGAEA
Publication Year 2017
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Spatial Coverage (9.845W, 53.739S, 9.848E, 53.744N); Germany, Schleswig-Holstein