The GeoMAP (v.2022-08) continent-wide detailed geological dataset of Antarctica


A dataset describing exposed bedrock and surficial geology of Antarctica constructed by the GeoMAP Action Group of SCAR (The Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research) and GNS Science, New Zealand. Legacy geological map data have been captured into a geographic information system (GIS), refining its spatial reliability, harmonising classification, then improving representation of glacial sequences and geomorphology. A total 99,080 polygons have been unified for depicting geology at 1:250,000 scale, but locally there are some areas with higher spatial precision. Geological definition in GeoMAP v.2022-08 is founded on a mixed chronostratigraphic- and lithostratigraphic-based classification. Description of rock and moraine polygons employs international GeoSciML data protocols to provide attribute-rich and queriable data; including bibliographic links to 589 source maps and scientific literature. Data are provided under CC-BY License as zipped ArcGIS geodatabase, QGIS geopackage or GoogleEarth kmz files. GeoMAP is the first detailed geological dataset covering all of Antarctica. GeoMAP depicts 'known geology' of rock exposures rather than 'interpreted' sub-ice features and is suitable for continent-wide perspectives and cross-discipline interrogation.

File descriptions: GeoMAP data can be downloaded for use in ArcGIS (10.8.1), QGIS (3.10.2) and GoogleEarth (kmz).There are three separate zip files in ArcGIS (115Mb), QGIS (187Mb) and Google Earth (298Mb) format. Key links Metadata: Website: documentation: Strategic Science Investment Fund, Web:, Award: C05X1701 to GNS Science (Regional Geological Map Archive and Datafile)Ross Sea Region Terrestrial Data Analysis programme, Web:, Award: CO9X1413 to Manaaki Whenua LandcareWitter Family Fund, Web:, Award: Scholarship

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Creator Cox, Simon Christopher ORCID logo; Smith Lyttle, Belinda; Elkind, Samuel; Smith Siddoway, Christine S ORCID logo; Morin, Paul; Capponi, Giovanni ORCID logo; Abu-Alam, Tamer (ORCID: 0000-0001-6020-365X); Ballinger, Matilda; Bamber, Lauren; Kitchener, Brett; Lelli, Luigi; Mawson, Jasmine F ORCID logo; Millikin, Alexie; Dal Seno, Nicola (ORCID: 0000-0002-3609-565X); Whitburn, Louis; White, Tristan; Burton-Johnson, Alex; Crispini, Laura ORCID logo; Elliot, David; Elvevold, Synnøve; Goodge, John W; Halpin, Jacqueline A ORCID logo; Jacobs, Joachim; Mikhalsky, Eugene; Martin, Adam P ORCID logo; Morgan, Fraser ORCID logo; Smellie, John; Scadden, Phil; Wilson, Gary S ORCID logo
Publisher PANGAEA
Publication Year 2023
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