Experimental Data to the publication "A Multitool for Circular Economy – Fast Ring-Opening Polymerization and Chemical Recycling of (Bio)polyesters Using a Single Aliphatic Guanidine Carboxy Zinc Catalyst"


All NMR spectroscopic data, GPC data and Raman spectroscopic data for the ring opening polymerisation of lactide of a non toxic Zn catalyst were deposited. Furthermore, the NMR spectroscopic data for the depolymerisation of various polymers with the Zn complex were depostied.

Bruker Avance II (400MHz)

Bruker Avance III (400MHz)

GPCmax VE-2001 from Viscotek: two Malvern Viscotek T columns (porous styrene divinylbenzene copolymer) with a maximum pore size of 500 and 5000Å, a refractive index detector (VE-3580), and a viscometer (Viscotek 270 Dual Detector)

RXN1 spectrometer of Kaiser Optical System with a 785nm laser

DOI https://doi.org/10.22000/923
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Publisher RWTH Aachen University
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Publication Year 2023
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