RICE ice core nitrate data for the last glacial period (83-26 ka BP)


Roosevelt Island Climate Evolution (RICE) ice core non-sea salt calcium (nssCa) and nitrate (NO3) data, covering last glacial period from 83000-26000 years BP are presented here. RICE is a 764-m long ice core retrieved from Roosevelt Island, a coastal dome in the vicinity of Ross Sea, West Antarctica.Both nssCa and NO3 data are produced using Ion Chromatography (IC) and are of decadal resolution (50-yr averaged). IC measurements were made at National Ice Core facility at GNS Science, New Zealand in 2017 as two batches. The first batch consisted of 579 samples covering the time period between ~40.6-26 ka BP. The second batch had a total of 911 samples and covered ~83-40.6 ka BP. Analytical precision is better than ~5% for Ca and is better than ~10% for NO3. Accuracy is better than ~5 % for Ca and is better than ~30% and ~10% for NO3 in the first batch and second batch, respectively. A likely reason for relatively reduced quality of NO3 measurements in the first batch of samples could be due to the extremely small contamination from drill fluid. The statistical analysis performed using the data includes correlation analysis, change-point analysis etc. In change-point analysis, influence from the outliers were minimized using hampel filter available in MATLAB ( window size=7). Only changepoints with equivalent timing as that in WAIS Divide Ice Core were considered for discussion.

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