NorESM output from 21st century experiments with stochastic volcanic forcing - NoVOLC extension


This dataset contains post-processed output from a study with the Norwegian Earth System Model (NorESM) that uses proxy-based stochastic volcanic forcing to assess the effects of volcanic uncertainty on probabilistic 21st century climate projections. The experiments are described in detail in Bethke etal., 2017, Potential volcanic effects on 21st century climate projections (submitted to Nature Climate Change). The dataset contains raw output from extra simulations (member 61-120) for the reference experiment rcp45NoVolc (NoVOLC), which has a temporal coverage 2006-2099 and no volcanic forcing. It includes high-frequent daily output in addition to monthly and annual mean output. Data description: case = volcanoes4future_cont60a(01-60) ; Source = CAM ; Variables = P0:reference pressure ; lat:latitude ; lon:longitude ; slat:staggered latitude ; slon:staggered longitude ; w_stag:staggered latitude weights ; lev:hybrid level at midpoints (1000(A+B)) ; ilev:hybrid level at interfaces (1000(A+B)) ; isccp_prs:Mean ISCCP pressure ; isccp_tau:Mean ISCCP optical depth ; isccp_prstau:Mean pressure (mb).mean optical depth (unitless)/1000 ; time:time ; time_bnds:time interval endpoints ; ntrm:spectral truncation parameter M ; ntrn:spectral truncation parameter N ; ntrk:spectral truncation parameter K ; ndbase:base day ; nsbase:seconds of base day ; nbdate:base date (YYYYMMDD) ; nbsec:seconds of base date ; mdt:timestep ; nlon:number of longitudes ; wnummax:cutoff Fourier wavenumber ; hyai:hybrid A coefficient at layer interfaces ; hybi:hybrid B coefficient at layer interfaces ; hyam:hybrid A coefficient at layer midpoints ; hybm:hybrid B coefficient at layer midpoints ; gw:gauss weights ; ndcur:current day (from base day) ; nscur:current seconds of current day ; date:current date (YYYYMMDD) ; co2vmr:co2 volume mixing ratio ; ch4vmr:ch4 volume mixing ratio ; n2ovmr:n2o volume mixing ratio ; f11vmr:f11 volume mixing ratio ; f12vmr:f12 volume mixing ratio ; sol_tsi:total solar irradiance ; datesec:current seconds of current date ; nsteph:current timestep ; ABSVIS:Aerosol absorptive optical depth at 0.35-0.64um ; AKCXS:Scheme excess aerosol mass burden ; AODVIS:Aerosol optical depth at 0.35-0.64um ; BAK:Aerosol extinction ; BC:Concentration ; CABSVIS:Clear air aerosol absorptive optical depth ; CAODVIS:Clear air aerosol optical depth ; CDNC:Cloud Droplet Number Concentration ; CDNCINT:Cloud Droplet Number Column ; CH2O2:H2O2 MMR from file ; CLDFOC:Frequency of Warm Cloud Occurence ; CLDFREE:Cloud free fraction wrt CAODVIS and CABSVIS ; CLDTOT:Vertically-integrated total cloud ; C_BC:Column burden ; C_DMS:Column burden ; C_DUST:Column burden ; C_POM:Column burden ; C_SO2:Column burden ; C_SO4:Column burden ; C_SS:Column burden ; DAYFOC:Daylight fraction ; DMSCO:Concentration ; DRY_BC:Dry deposition ; DRY_DUST:Dry deposition ; DRY_POM:Dry deposition ; DRY_SO2:Dry deposition ; DRY_SO4:Dry deposition ; DRY_SS:Dry deposition ; DUST:Concentration ; EMI_BC:Emissions ; EMI_DMS:Emissions ; EMI_DUST:Emissions ; EMI_POM:Emissions ; EMI_SO2:Emissions ; EMI_SO4:Emissions ; EMI_SS:Emissions ; EVAPX:Evaporation of cloud droplets ; FLDS:Downwelling longwave flux at surface ; FLDSC:Clearsky downwelling longwave flux at surface ; FLNS:Net longwave flux at surface ; FLNSC:Clearsky net longwave flux at surface ; FLNT:Net longwave flux at top of model ; FLNTC:Clearsky net longwave flux at top of model ; FLUT:Upwelling longwave flux at top of model ; FLUTC:Clearsky upwelling longwave flux at top of model ; FOCHANA:Frequency of Occurrence of Clouds with REHANA /= 0 ; FREEZ: rate of freezing of cloud droplets ; FSDS:Downwelling solar flux at surface ; FSDSC:Clearsky downwelling solar flux at surface ; FSNS:Net solar flux at surface ; FSNSC:Clearsky net solar flux at surface ; FSNT:Net solar flux at top of model ; FSNTC:Clearsky net solar flux at top of model ; FSNTOA:Net solar flux at top of atmosphere ; FSNTOAC:Clearsky net solar flux at top of atmosphere ; FSUTOA:Upwelling solar flux at top of atmosphere ; GAK:Aerosol assymetry factor ; ICEFRAC:Fraction of sfc area covered by sea-ice ; KHET:Aqueous-phase reaction rate ; LHFLX:Surface latent heat flux ; NRAINX:Loss of cloud droplets due to precip ; NUCRAT:Nucleation of cloud droplets ; NUSO4N:SO4 nucleation rate ; N_AER:Aerosol number concentration ; N_AERORG:Aerosol number concentration ; OCNFRAC:Fraction of sfc area covered by ocean ; OMEGA500:Vertical velocity at 500 mbar pressure surface ; OMEGA850:Vertical velocity at 850 mbar pressure surface ; PBLH:PBL height ; POM:Concentration ; PRECT:Total (convective and large-scale) precipitation rate (liq + ice) ; PS:Surface pressure ; PSL:Sea level pressure ; Q:Specific humidity ; QFLX:Surface water flux ; QREFHT:Reference height humidity ; REFFL:Effective Radius of Cloud Droplets ; REHANA:Effective radius as seen from satellite ; RELH:Fictive relative humidity ; RHREFHT:Reference height relative humidity ; SELFX:Selfcollection of cloud droplets ; SHFLX:Surface sensible heat flux ; SNOWHICE:Water equivalent snow depth ; SNOWHLND:Water equivalent snow depth ; SO2CO:Concentration ; SO4:Concentration ; SOLIN:Solar insolation ; SRFRAD:Net radiative flux at surface ; SS:Concentration ; SST:sea surface temperature ; SUPERSAT:Supersaturation from AGR schem ; T:Temperature ; TAUX:Zonal surface stress ; TAUY:Meridional surface stress ; TREFHT:Reference height temperature ; TS:Surface temperature (radiative) ; TSMN:Minimum surface temperature over output period ; TSMX:Maximum surface temperature over output period ; U:Zonal wind ; U10:10m wind speed ; U200:Zonal wind at 200 mbar pressure surface ; U850:Zonal wind at 850 mbar pressure surface ; V:Meridional wind ; V200:Meridional wind at 200 mbar pressure surface ; V850:Meridional wind at 850 mbar pressure surface ; WAK:Aerosol single scattering albedo ; WET_BC:Wet deposition ; WET_DUST:Wet deposition ; WET_POM:Wet deposition ; WET_SO2:Wet deposition ; WET_SO4:Wet deposition ; WET_SS:Wet deposition ; Z050:Geopotential Z at 50 mbar pressure surface ; Z3:Geopotential Height (above sea level) ; Z300:Geopotential Z at 300 mbar pressure surface ; Z500:Geopotential Z at 500 mbar pressure surface ; Z700:Geopotential Z at 700 mbar pressure surface ; Source = MICOM ; Variables = time:time ; sigmx:Mixed layer density ; sealv:Sea level ; hice:Ice thickness ; fice:Ice concentration ; mld:Mixed layer depth ; maxmld:Maximum mixed layer depth ; sst:Ocean surface temperature ; sss:Ocean surface salinity ; Source = CLM ; Variables = levgrnd:coordinate soil levels ; levlak:coordinate lake levels ; edgen:northern edge of surface grid ; edgee:eastern edge of surface grid ; edges:southern edge of surface grid ; edgew:western edge of surface grid ; time:time ; mcdate:current date (YYYYMMDD) ; mcsec:current seconds of current date ; mdcur:current day (from base day) ; mscur:current seconds of current day ; nstep:time step ; time_bounds:history time interval endpoints ; lon:coordinate longitude ; lat:coordinate latitude ; lonatm:atm coordinate longitude ; latatm:atm coordinate latitude ; lonrof:runoff coordinate longitude ; latrof:runoff coordinate latitude ; longxy:longitude ; latixy:latitude ; area:grid cell areas ; areaupsc:normalized grid cell areas related to upscaling ; topo:grid cell topography ; topodnsc:normalized grid cell topography related to downscaling ; landfrac:land fraction ; landmask:land/ocean mask (0.=ocean and 1.=land) ; pftmask:pft real/fake mask (0.=fake and 1.=real) ; indxupsc:upscaling atm global grid index ; longxyatm:atm longitude ; latixyatm:atm latitude ; areaatm:atm grid cell areas ; ZSOI:soil depth ; DZSOI:soil thickness ; WATSAT:saturated soil water content (porosity) ; SUCSAT:saturated soil matric potential ; BSW:slope of soil water retention curve ; HKSAT:saturated hydraulic conductivity ; ACTUAL_IMMOB:actual N immobilization ; AGNPP:aboveground NPP ; ANN_FAREA_BURNED:annual total fractional area burned ; AR:autotrophic respiration (MR + GR) ; BCDEP:total BC deposition (dry+wet) from atmosphere ; BGNPP:belowground NPP ; BIOGENCO:biogenic CO flux ; BTRAN:transpiration beta factor ; BUILDHEAT:heat flux from urban building interior to walls and roof ; COL_CTRUNC:column-level sink for C truncation ; COL_FIRE_CLOSS:total column-level fire C loss ; COL_FIRE_NLOSS:total column-level fire N loss ; COL_NTRUNC:column-level sink for N truncation ; CPOOL:temporary photosynthate C pool ; CWDC:coarse woody debris C ; CWDC_HR:coarse woody debris C heterotrophic respiration ; CWDC_LOSS:coarse woody debris C loss ; CWDN:coarse woody debris N ; DEADCROOTC:dead coarse root C ; DEADCROOTN:dead coarse root N ; DEADSTEMC:dead stem C ; DEADSTEMN:dead stem N ; DENIT:total rate of denitrification ; DISPVEGC:displayed veg carbon, excluding storage and cpool ; DISPVEGN:displayed vegetation nitrogen ; DSTDEP:total dust deposition (dry+wet) from atmosphere ; DSTFLXT:total surface dust emission ; DWT_CLOSS:total carbon loss from land cover conversion ; DWT_CONV_CFLUX:conversion C flux (immediate loss to atm) ; DWT_CONV_NFLUX:conversion N flux (immediate loss to atm) ; DWT_NLOSS:total nitrogen loss from landcover conversion ; DWT_PROD100C_GAIN:landcover change-driven addition to 100-yr wood product pool ; DWT_PROD100N_GAIN:addition to 100-yr wood product pool ; DWT_PROD10C_GAIN:landcover change-driven addition to 10-yr wood product pool ; DWT_PROD10N_GAIN:addition to 10-yr wood product pool ; DWT_SEEDC_TO_DEADSTEM:seed source to PFT-level deadstem ; DWT_SEEDC_TO_LEAF:seed source to PFT-level leaf ; DWT_SEEDN_TO_DEADSTEM:seed source to PFT-level deadstem ; DWT_SEEDN_TO_LEAF:seed source to PFT-level leaf ; EFLX_DYNBAL:dynamic land cover change conversion energy flux ; EFLX_LH_TOT_R:Rural total evaporation ; EFLX_LH_TOT_U:Urban total evaporation ; ELAI:exposed one-sided leaf area index ; ER:total ecosystem respiration, autotrophic + heterotrophic ; ERRH2O:total water conservation error ; ERRSEB:surface energy conservation error ; ERRSOI:soil/lake energy conservation error ; ERRSOL:solar radiation conservation error ; ESAI:exposed one-sided stem area index ; FCEV:canopy evaporation ; FCOV:fractional impermeable area ; FCTR:canopy transpiration ; FGEV:ground evaporation ; FGR:heat flux into soil/snow including snow melt ; FGR12:heat flux between soil layers 1 and 2 ; FGR_R:Rural heat flux into soil/snow including snow melt ; FGR_U:Urban heat flux into soil/snow including snow melt ; FIRA:net infrared (longwave) radiation ; FIRA_R:Rural net infrared (longwave) radiation ; FIRA_U:Urban net infrared (longwave) radiation ; FIRE:emitted infrared (longwave) radiation ; FIRESEASONL:annual fire season length ; FLDS:atmospheric longwave radiation ; FLUXFM2A:heat flux for rain to snow conversion ; FLUXFMLND:heat flux from rain to snow conversion ; FPG:fraction of potential gpp ; FPI:fraction of potential immobilization ; FPSN:photosynthesis ; FROOTC:fine root C ; FROOTC_ALLOC:fine root C allocation ; FROOTC_LOSS:fine root C loss ; FROOTN:fine root N ; FSA:absorbed solar radiation ; FSAT:fractional area with water table at surface ; FSA_R:Rural absorbed solar radiation ; FSA_U:Urban absorbed solar radiation ; FSDS:atmospheric incident solar radiation ; FSDSND:direct nir incident solar radiation ; FSDSNDLN:direct nir incident solar radiation at local noon ; FSDSNI:diffuse nir incident solar radiation ; FSDSVD:direct vis incident solar radiation ; FSDSVDLN:direct vis incident solar radiation at local noon ; FSDSVI:diffuse vis incident solar radiation ; FSH:sensible heat ; FSH_G:sensible heat from ground ; FSH_NODYNLNDUSE:sensible heat ; FSH_R:Rural sensible heat ; FSH_U:Urban sensible heat ; FSH_V:sensible heat from veg ; FSM:snow melt heat flux ; FSM_R:Rural snow melt heat flux ; FSM_U:Urban snow melt heat flux ; FSNO:fraction of ground covered by snow ; FSR:reflected solar radiation ; FSRND:direct nir reflected solar radiation ; FSRNDLN:direct nir reflected solar radiation at local noon ; FSRNI:diffuse nir reflected solar radiation ; FSRVD:direct vis reflected solar radiation ; FSRVDLN:direct vis reflected solar radiation at local noon ; FSRVI:diffuse vis reflected solar radiation ; GC_HEAT1:initial gridcell total heat content ; GC_ICE1:initial gridcell total ice content ; GC_LIQ1:initial gridcell total liq content ; GPP:gross primary production ; GR:total growth respiration ; GROSS_NMIN:gross rate of N mineralization ; H2OCAN:intercepted water ; H2OSNO:snow depth (liquid water) ; H2OSNO_TOP:mass of snow in top snow layer ; H2OSOI:volumetric soil water ; HC:heat content of soil/snow/lake ; HCSOI:soil heat content ; HEAT_FROM_AC:sensible heat flux put into canyon due to heat removed from air conditioning ; HR:total heterotrophic respiration ; HTOP:canopy top ; ISOPRENE:isoprene flux ; LAISHA:shaded projected leaf area index ; LAISUN:sunlit projected leaf area index ; LAND_UPTAKE:NEE minus LAND_USE_FLUX, negative for update ; LAND_USE_FLUX:total C emitted from land cover conversion and wood product pools ; LEAFC:leaf C ; LEAFC_ALLOC:leaf C allocation ; LEAFC_LOSS:leaf C loss ; LEAFN:leaf N ; LITFALL:litterfall (leaves and fine roots) ; LITHR:litter heterotrophic respiration ; LITR1C:litter labile C ; LITR1C_TO_SOIL1C:decomp. of litter 1 C to SOM 1 C ; LITR1N:litter labile N ; LITR2C:litter cellulose C ; LITR2C_TO_SOIL2C:decomp. of litter 2 C to SOM 2 C ; LITR2N:litter cellulose N ; LITR3C:litter lignin C ; LITR3C_TO_SOIL3C:decomp. of litter 3 C to SOM 3 C ; LITR3N:litter lignin N ; LITTERC:litter C ; LITTERC_HR:litter C heterotrophic respiration ; LITTERC_LOSS:litter C loss ; LIVECROOTC:live coarse root C ; LIVECROOTN:live coarse root N ; LIVESTEMC:live stem C ; LIVESTEMN:live stem N ; MEAN_FIRE_PROB:e-folding mean of daily fire probability ; MONOTERP:monoterpene flux ; MR:maintenance respiration ; NBP:net biome production, includes fire, landuse, and harvest flux, positive for sink ; NDEPLOY:total N deployed in new growth ; NDEP_TO_SMINN:atmospheric N deposition to soil mineral N ; NEE:net ecosystem exchange of carbon, includes fire, landuse, harvest, and hrv_xsmrpool flux, positive for source ; NEP:net ecosystem production, excludes fire, landuse, and harvest flux, positive for sink ; NET_NMIN:net rate of N mineralization ; NFIX_TO_SMINN:symbiotic/asymbiotic N fixation to soil mineral N ; NPP:net primary production ; OCDEP:total OC deposition (dry+wet) from atmosphere ; ORVOC:other reactive VOC flux ; OVOC:other VOC flux ; PBOT:atmospheric pressure ; PCO2:atmospheric partial pressure of CO2 ; PFT_CTRUNC:pft-level sink for C truncation ; PFT_FIRE_CLOSS:total pft-level fire C loss ; PFT_FIRE_NLOSS:total pft-level fire N loss ; PFT_NTRUNC:pft-level sink for N truncation ; PLANT_NDEMAND:N flux required to support initial GPP ; POTENTIAL_IMMOB:potential N immobilization ; PROD100C:100-yr wood product C ; PROD100C_LOSS:loss from 100-yr wood product pool ; PROD100N:100-yr wood product N ; PROD100N_LOSS:loss from 100-yr wood product pool ; PROD10C:10-yr wood product C ; PROD10C_LOSS:loss from 10-yr wood product pool ; PROD10N:10-yr wood product N ; PROD10N_LOSS:loss from 10-yr wood product pool ; PRODUCT_CLOSS:total carbon loss from wood product pools ; PRODUCT_NLOSS:total N loss from wood product pools ; PSNSHA:shaded leaf photosynthesis ; PSNSHADE_TO_CPOOL:C fixation from shaded canopy ; PSNSUN:sunlit leaf photosynthesis ; PSNSUN_TO_CPOOL:C fixation from sunlit canopy ; Q2M:2m specific humidity ; QBOT:atmospheric specific humidity ; QCHANR:RTM river flow: LIQ ; QCHANR_ICE:RTM river flow: ICE ; QCHARGE:aquifer recharge rate ; QCHOCNR:RTM river discharge into ocean: LIQ ; QCHOCNR_ICE:RTM river discharge into ocean: ICE ; QDRAI:sub-surface drainage ; QDRIP:throughfall ; QFLX_ICE_DYNBAL:ice dynamic land cover change conversion runoff flux ; QFLX_LIQ_DYNBAL:liq dynamic land cover change conversion runoff flux ; QINFL:infiltration ; QINTR:interception ; QMELT:snow melt ; QOVER:surface runoff ; QRGWL:surface runoff at glaciers (liquid only), wetlands, lakes ; QRUNOFF:total liquid runoff (does not include QSNWCPICE) ; QRUNOFF_NODYNLNDUSE:total liquid runoff (does not include QSNWCPICE) ; QRUNOFF_R:Rural total runoff ; QRUNOFF_U:Urban total runoff ; QSNWCPICE:excess snowfall due to snow capping ; QSNWCPICE_NODYNLNDUSE:excess snowfall due to snow capping ; QSOIL:ground evaporation ; QVEGE:canopy evaporation ; QVEGT:canopy transpiration ; RAIN:atmospheric rain ; RAINATM:atmospheric rain forcing ; RAINFM2A:land rain on atm grid ; RETRANSN:plant pool of retranslocated N ; RETRANSN_TO_NPOOL:deployment of retranslocated N ; RH2M:2m relative humidity ; RH2M_R:Rural 2m specific humidity ; RH2M_U:Urban 2m relative humidity ; RR:root respiration (fine root MR + total root GR) ; SABG:solar rad absorbed by ground ; SABV:solar rad absorbed by veg ; SEEDC:pool for seeding new PFTs ; SEEDN:pool for seeding new PFTs ; SMINN:soil mineral N ; SMINN_LEACHED:soil mineral N pool loss to leaching ; SMINN_TO_NPOOL:deployment of soil mineral N uptake ; SMINN_TO_PLANT:plant uptake of soil mineral N ; SNOAERFRC2L:surface forcing of all aerosols in snow, averaged only when snow is present (land) ; SNOAERFRCL:surface forcing of all aerosols in snow (land) ; SNOBCFRC2L:surface forcing of BC in snow, averaged only when snow is present (land) ; SNOBCFRCL:surface forcing of BC in snow (land) ; SNOBCMCL:mass of BC in snow column ; SNOBCMSL:mass of BC in top snow layer ; SNODSTFRC2L:surface forcing of dust in snow, averaged only when snow is present (land) ; SNODSTFRCL:surface forcing of dust in snow (land) ; SNODSTMCL:mass of dust in snow column ; SNODSTMSL:mass of dust in top snow layer ; SNOOCFRC2L:surface forcing of OC in snow, averaged only when snow is present (land) ; SNOOCFRCL:surface forcing of OC in snow (land) ; SNOOCMCL:mass of OC in snow column ; SNOOCMSL:mass of OC in top snow layer ; SNOW:atmospheric snow ; SNOWATM:atmospheric snow forcing ; SNOWDP:snow height ; SNOWFM2A:land snow on atm grid ; SNOWICE:snow ice ; SNOWLIQ:snow liquid water ; SOIL1C:soil organic matter C (fast pool) ; SOIL1N:soil organic matter N (fast pool) ; SOIL2C:soil organic matter C (medium pool) ; SOIL2N:soil organic matter N (medium pool) ; SOIL3C:soil organic matter C (slow pool) ; SOIL3N:soil orgainc matter N (slow pool) ; SOIL4C:soil organic matter C (slowest pool) ; SOIL4N:soil orgainc matter N (slowest pool) ; SOILC:soil C ; SOILC_HR:soil C heterotrophic respiration ; SOILC_LOSS:soil C loss ; SOILICE:soil ice ; SOILLIQ:soil liquid water ; SOILPSI:soil water potential in each soil layer ; SOILWATER_10CM:soil liquid water + ice in top 10cm of soil ; SOMHR:soil organic matter heterotrophic respiration ; SR:total soil respiration (HR + root resp) ; STORVEGC:stored vegetation carbon, excluding cpool ; STORVEGN:stored vegetation nitrogen ; SUPPLEMENT_TO_SMINN:supplemental N supply ; SoilAlpha:factor limiting ground evap ; SoilAlpha_U:urban factor limiting ground evap ; TAUX:zonal surface stress ; TAUY:meridional surface stress ; TBOT:atmospheric air temperature ; TBUILD:internal urban building temperature ; TG:ground temperature ; TG_R:Rural ground temperature ; TG_U:Urban ground temperature ; THBOT:atmospheric air potential temperature ; TLAI:total projected leaf area index ; TLAKE:lake temperature ; TOTCOLC:total column carbon, incl veg and cpool ; TOTCOLN:total column-level N ; TOTECOSYSC:total ecosystem carbon, incl veg but excl cpool ; TOTECOSYSN:total ecosystem N ; TOTLITC:total litter carbon ; TOTLITN:total litter N ; TOTPFTC:total pft-level carbon, including cpool ; TOTPFTN:total PFT-level nitrogen ; TOTPRODC:total wood product C ; TOTPRODN:total wood product N ; TOTSOMC:total soil organic matter carbon ; TOTSOMN:total soil organic matter N ; TOTVEGC:total vegetation carbon, excluding cpool ; TOTVEGN:total vegetation nitrogen ; TREFMNAV:daily minimum of average 2-m temperature ; TREFMNAV_R:Rural daily minimum of average 2-m temperature ; TREFMNAV_U:Urban daily minimum of average 2-m temperature ; TREFMXAV:daily maximum of average 2-m temperature ; TREFMXAV_R:Rural daily maximum of average 2-m temperature ; TREFMXAV_U:Urban daily maximum of average 2-m temperature ; TSA:2m air temperature ; TSAI:total projected stem area index ; TSA_R:Rural 2m air temperature ; TSA_U:Urban 2m air temperature ; TSOI:soil temperature ; TSOI_10CM:soil temperature in top 10cm of soil ; TV:vegetation temperature ; URBAN_AC:urban air conditioning flux ; URBAN_HEAT:urban heating flux ; VOCFLXT:total VOC flux into atmosphere ; WA:water in the unconfined aquifer ; WASTEHEAT:sensible heat flux from heating/cooling sources of urban waste heat ; WIND:atmospheric wind velocity magnitude ; WOODC:wood C ; WOODC_ALLOC:wood C allocation ; WOODC_LOSS:wood C loss ; WOOD_HARVESTC:wood harvest (to product pools) ; WOOD_HARVESTN:wood harvest (to product pools) ; WT:total water storage (unsaturated soil water + groundwater) ; XSMRPOOL:temporary photosynthate C pool ; XSMRPOOL_RECOVER:C flux assigned to recovery of negative xsmrpool ; ZBOT:atmospheric reference height ; ZWT:water table depth ; Source = CICE ; Variables = time:model time ; time_bounds:boundaries for time-averaging interval ; TLON:T grid center longitude ; TLAT:T grid center latitude ; ULON:U grid center longitude ; ULAT:U grid center latitude ; tarea:area of T grid cells ; ANGLE:angle grid makes with latitude line on U grid ; hi:grid cell mean ice thickness ; hs:grid cell mean snow thickness ; fs:grid cell mean snow fraction ; aice:ice area (aggregate) ; uvel:ice velocity (x) ; vvel:ice velocity (y) ; transix:ice mass transport (x) on East side ; transiy:ice mass transport (y) on North side ; ardg:ridged ice area fraction ; vrdg:ridged ice mean thickness ;

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Creator Bethke, Ingo
Publisher Norstore Archive
Publication Year 2020
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