Mineralogical and isotopic data of freshwater cultured pearls from Kentucky Lake with associated lake environmental data


This dataset for our publication (Farfan et al, 2021) combines high spatial-resolution mineralogical and isotope data of freshwater cultured pearls with the environmental conditions of the lake in which they grew under (Kentucky Lake, TN). SIMS-based δ18O values were taken for six transects across three pearls (mirroring transects A and B for each pearl). Detailed mineralogical analyses in the form of nacre tablet thickness (sub-micron) and Raman spectroscopy data of the carbonate vibrational modes of nacre aragonite are calculated for positions along the pearls corresponding to the transects of SIMS-made pits. The corresponding Kentucky Lake environmental data is translated into pearl-nacre space along the same SIMS pits and estimated based off of raw data from the Kentucky Lake Long-Term Monitoring Program run by Murray State University, KY. Any researchers interested in the raw Kentucky Lake data must contact this program directly.

This bundle contains two datasets, which serve as supplement to our publication (Farfan et al, 2021):- Supplementary Tables S1, S2, S3, as Excel files- Supplementary Table S2 as dataset table

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