Macroscopic charcoal record from Lake Khamra, Yakutia, Russia


High-resolution, continuously sampled charcoal records from sedimentary archives are rare in Eastern Siberia. These datasets from Lake Khamra (59°59'N, 112°59'E) in SW Yakutia, Russia, comprise the following data: (I) Macroscopic charcoal record (> 150 µm) from lake sediment core EN18232-3, including the total amount of particles per sample as well as their respective distributions in size classes (150-300 µm, 300-500 µm, > 500 µm) and morphotypes (II) Radiocarbon age dating results from core EN18232-3 (AWI MICADAS) (III) Radiometric age dating results for 210Pb and 137Cs (Pb/Cs) from the parallel short core EN18232-2 (University of Liverpool Environmental Radioactivity Laboratory) More detailed information about the charcoal record and an approach to age-depth modelling can be found in the research paper.

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Publication Year 2020
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Spatial Coverage (112.984 LON, 59.991 LAT); Lake Khamra, SW Yakutia, Russia