Mercury from sediment short core EN18232-1 of Lake Khamra, SW Yakutia, Siberia, Russia


The datafile presents total mercury concentrations (THg, given in µg/kg) of all subsamples (n=39) of sedimentary short core EN18232-1. All measurements were carried out at the Permafrost Carbon and Nitrogen Lab (CarLa) at AWI Potsdam. Mercury concentrations were measured with a MLS-MWS DMA-80 evo III. The machine detection limit was 0.003 ng, with a laboratory proven limit of determination of 0.4 ng. Furthermore, we provide mercury fluxes (HgAr, µg/m²/a) according to the method described in detail in Biskaborn et al. (2023) using the equations in the Comment section below. The sedimentation rates (SR in cm/a) were calculated following Pfalz et al. (2022), whereby xi is the sample depth of interest and xi-1 its previous layer. We used the mean ages of the age-depth-model results of the shortcore EN18232-1. This is followed by the mass accumulation rate (MAR in g/cm²/a), where we used the mean value of the dry bulk density (DBD in g/cm³) of the short core EN18232-1. Consequently, we calculated the mercury accumulation rates HgAr in µg/m²/a.

Equations for mercury flux calculation:SR(xi) = (depth(xi) - depth(xi-1)) / (age(xi) - age(xi-1))MAR = DBD * SRHgAr = Hg * MAR * 10

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Publisher PANGAEA
Publication Year 2024
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Spatial Coverage (112.984 LON, 59.991 LAT); Lake Khamra, SW Yakutia, Russia