Benthic anammox and dentrification rates measured in a slurry incubation experiments at four different stations in the Arabian Sea off Pakistan during the METEOR cruise M74/2 in 2007


Vertical distributions of benthic denitrification and anammox rates within the sediment were estimated from slurry incubation experiments. Rates were used to calculate the contribution of anammox and denitrification to the total N-loss. Briefly, MUC sediment cores were sliced in 2 cm intervals and the sediment was diluted and incubated with degassed bottom water in a gas tight bag. After pre-incubating the bags for 2 h, 15N-labeled substrates were injected into the bags and the slurries were thoroughly mixed. Incubations were performed in the dark at in situ temperatures. The N2 isotope ratio (28N2, 29N2, and 30N2) was determined by gas chromatography-isotopic ratio mass spectrometry (VG Optima, Micromass) and calculated according to Kuypers et al. (2005) and Holtappels et al. (2011), respectively.Furthermore, total organic carbon and nitrogen concentrations were measured of core sediment layers corresponding to those used for rate measurements. Concentrations of organic carbon and nitrogen were determined by combustion/gas chromatography (Carlo Erba NA-1500 CNS analyzer) of dried sediment samples after acidification. The same sediment layer were also used to extract nucleic acids. The concentrations of the DNA in the samples were measured spectrophotometrically with a NanoDrop instrument (Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.). The biomarker functional gene nirS, encoding the cd1-containing nitrite reductase, for both denitrifiers and marine anammox bacteria were quantified with real-time PCR, using the primers cd3aF/R3cd (5'-GTSAACGTSAAGGARACSGG-3' (Michotey et al., 2000)/5'-GASTTCGGRTGSGTCTTGA-3'; Throback et al., 2004) and Scnir372F/Scnir845R (5'-TGTAGCCAGCATTGTAGCGT-3'/5'-TCAAGCCAGACCCATTTGCT-3'; Lam et al., 2009).

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Publication Year 2012
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