Magnetic Susceptibility of Mini-Cores of the KTB Main Hole HB1d


The magnetic susceptibility is measured by an inductive AC device (BARTINGTON). The sample is placed inside a coil which generates an alternating magnetic field. The applied frequency is 460 Hz (cuttings, 25.4 mm mini cores), 565 Hz (cores) or 1470 Hz (15 mm mini cores) respectively. A shift in the oscillator frequency is a measure for the magnetic susceptibility of the sample. The applied magnetic field strength is 80 A/m (RMS) and appr. 2 times the total earth magnetic field strength in the KTB area (=38 A/m). The measurement field is lower than the field which is necessary for magnetic saturation and allows therefore to measure the initial susceptibility. The used sensors are insensitive to the electrical conductivity of the samples. Except the determination of the temperature dependent susceptibility, all measurements are done under surface conditions (room temperature and atmospheric pressure).

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Creator KTB, WG Geophysics
Publisher Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum GFZ
Publication Year 2010
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Discipline Scientific drilling
Spatial Coverage (12.192 LON, 49.588 LAT)