Raw physical oceanography and current meter data from mooring 79N2-2 in the Greenland Sea, September 2017 - September 2021


Time-series data of physical oceanography and ocean current velocities were obtained from mooring 79N2-2 in the Greenland Sea close to the calving front of the 79 North Glacier between September 2017 and September 2021. The mooring was deployed during RV Polarstern expedition PS109, and recovered during Danish coast guard patrol vessel HDMS Triton expedition TRITON2021. The attached archive contains raw data files of three Seabird SBE37 MicroCATs (nominal depths: 235m, 375m, 393m; sampling interval 15min to 1h), five SBE56 temperature loggers (nominal depths: 270m, 305m, 340m, 436m, 466m; sampling interval 30s), one RDI 1200kHz Workhorse ADCP (nominal depth: 385m; sampling interval 1.5h), and one RDI 75kHz Longranger ADCP (nominal depth: 456m; sampling interval 1h). Auxiliary information such as sensor calibration sheets, protocols, mooring diagrams, and schedule files are also provided, if applicable. The surface part of the mooring, consisting of one SBE37IMP MicroCAT and four SBE39plus-IM that were originally connected to a data logger via an inductive modem loop, was lost. The data logger, which was still attached to the main mooring line just below the weak link, could be recovered, and had recorded 3.5 months of instrument data.

The file 79N2-2.zip includes all available sensor raw data from mooring 79N2-2. The structure of the unzipped folders is mooring->sensor/sampler type->serial number->instrument files. All instruments were synced to UTC before deployment, and the offset after the recovery is supplied in the respective instrument folder, if available. The archive also contains the sensor calibration sheets/files and relevant sampler schedule files, if available. Mooring schematics and recovery protocols are also attached as pdfs in the root folder. Finally, water column profile data recorded by a small handheld CTD in the vicinity of the mooring during recovery are also provided for comparison and context. See the cruise reports for details.The authors are grateful to the captains, crews and technical/scientific staffs of the expeditions PS109 onboard RV Polarstern and TRITON2021 onboard the Danish coast guard patrol vessel HDMS Triton. Many individuals have contributed to the conception of the research, the preparation of the instruments, the deployment and recoveries, as well as to the retrieval of the data, which we greatly appreciate. We especially thank the Danish Joint Arctic Command for enabling us to join the HDMS Triton for the recovery campaign.

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Spatial Coverage (-19.463W, 79.566S, -19.463E, 79.567N); Greenland Sea North Atlantic Ocean
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