Physical oceanography (CTD) during Maria S. Merian cruise MSM99/2, German North Sea


During research cruise MSM99/2 (26/03/2021-05/04/2021) eleven hydro-casts (SBE9plus-CTD measurements) were performed in two different working areas located north and south-east of Helgoland, North Sea. The main aim was to characterize the water column above a giant pockmark field north of Helgoland. For each CTD cast the following data were recorded:Time (UTC), latitude (°N), longitude (°W), water depth (m), pressure (db), temperature (°C), salinity, oxygen (µmol L-1), oxygen (sat., %), turbidity (FTU), sound velocity (Chen-Millero, m s-1), light intensity (PAR, µmol photons m-2 s-1), fluorescence (a.u.)

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Creator Schmidt, Mark ORCID logo
Publisher PANGAEA
Publication Year 2024
Funding Reference German Research Foundation Crossref Funder ID GPF 21-1_013 Wave induced pockmark formation in the North Sea
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Spatial Coverage (7.205W, 54.051S, 8.010E, 54.658N); North Sea
Temporal Coverage Begin 2021-03-26T16:38:18Z
Temporal Coverage End 2021-04-02T12:29:29Z