(Table S3b) YREE and U composition of weakly cleaned foraminifera for MIS 95-100 on ODP Site 165-999


Concentrations in ppm in solid CaCO3.(a) Age model Groeneveld et al. (2014)(b) 2σ SD reproducibility based on repeat measurements of the ECRM standard (Greaves et al., 2008) (n=8).(c) HREE/LREE = [YbN + LuN]/PrN + NdN MREE/MREE = 2[TbN+DyN]/PrN + NdN + YbN + LuN Ce/Ce = 3CeN/(2LaN+NdN). In all cases N is normalisation to Post-Achaean Australian Shale (PAAS) (Taylor and McLennan, 1985).(f) Maximum blank contribution

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