CroMe interview with Željko Brala

Željko Brala was born on March 2, 1968 in Posedarje, the Zadar hinterland. On March 5, 1991, he became a member of the Special Police Unit in Zadar. He was in the formations of Special Units until December 1992, when he began working in the First Police Station in Zadar. During one of the shellings of Posedarje, his mother was wounded and his house was demolished. In the Homeland War he was at the first line of battle all over the Zadar County. During the war and after it, he participated in many fights. He witnessed the death of his colleagues and his life was in danger many times. He was treated for PTSD, which is the reason why he went into early retirement in 1997.

Today, he lives in Posedarje, he has a wife and four children and he breeds ecologically grown fruit and is engaged in bee-keeping.

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