Data from: "Growth response of dune-building grasses to summer precipitation"

Data from: Growth response of dune-building grasses to summer precipitation.

In the study, we look at an unresolved link between rainfall and coastal dune development. We found that soil moisture along a Dutch embryo dune to foredune transect was highly dependent on precipitation. Furthermore, the growth response of dune-building traits in Eurpoean marram grass (Ammophila arenaria) and sand couch (Elytrigia juncea) depended on soil moisture. Both plant species play a crucial role for the dune development process.

The first dataset contains data from a controlled pot experiment. Pots with marram grass and sand couch have been irrigated at different water levels, and regular weekly intervals. The growth response was measured by counting leaf numbers, shoot numbers, and measuring the maximum plant height. In a second dataset, the biomass was measured at the end of the experiment.

Another dataset consits of soil moisture measurements along an embryo dune to foredune transect at Meijendel. Soil moisture dynamics were measured at 4 different depths (5 cm , 20 cm, 35 cm and 50 cm; port 1 corresponds to depth of 5 cm, port 2 - 20 cm and so on). Moreover, we installed a weather station to measure atmospheric conditions (rainfall, temperature...)

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