Biogenic and lithogenic silicon along the GEOTRACES South West Indian Ocean section (SWINGS-GS02)


Data of parameters presented as figures in the manuscript: Biogenic silica (BSi: µmol.L-1), Lithogenic silicon (LSi: µmol.L-1), Total Chlorophyll a (TChla: mg.m-3) and Fucoxanthin (Fuco: mg.m-3). Note that: - Total fraction for BSi and LSi is available from Niskin bottles (> 0.8 µm) and in situ pumps (> 0.45 µm); - Size-fractions for BSi and LSi is available from in situ pumps only (5-53 µm; > 53 µm); - Total fraction for TChla and Fuco is available from Niskin bottles (> 0.7 µm). - Integrated data (0-200 m) is available from Niskin Bottles. Acronym explanations: - Sampling type: ISP = In Situ Pump; ISP-SF = In Situ Pump with Size-Fraction; NSK = Niskin. - Method used for BSi and LSi computation: NOC = No Correction applied; RAG = Correction using the method used from the protocol established by Ragueneau et al. (2005); ACR = Average Crustal Ratio method used when one of the criterion from the protocol established by Ragueneau et al. (2005) is not respected. - bdl = Below Detection Limit For further explanations in the method, should you please refer to the Material and Methods section in the manuscript (revised version submitted in Marine Chemistry).

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