REVEALS reconstruction of past vegetation cover with optimized RPP values for Asian samples


This data set presents the reconstructed vegetation cover for 533 Asian sites based on harmonized pollen data from the data set LegacyPollen 2.0 ( and optimized RPP values. Sugita's REVEALS model (2000) was applied to all pollen records using REVEALSinR from the DISQOVER package (Theuerkauf et al. 2016). Pollen counts were translated into vegetation cover by taking into account taxon-specific pollen productivity and fall speed. Additionally, relevant source areas of pollen were also calculated using the aforementioned taxon-specific parameters and a gaussian plume model for deposition and dispersal and forest cover was reconstructed.In this optimized reconstruction, relative pollen productivity estimates for the ten most common taxa were first optimized by using reconstructed tree cover from modern pollen samples and LANDSAT remotely sensed tree cover (Townshend 2016) for Asia. Values for non-optimized taxa for relative pollen productivity and fall speed were taken from the synthesis from Wiezcorek and Herzschuh (2010). The average values from all Northern Hemisphere values were used where taxon-specific continental values were not available. We present tables with optimized reconstructed vegetation cover for records in Asia. As further details we list a table with the taxon-specific parameters used and a list of parameters adjusted in the default version of REVEALSinR.

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Creator Schild, Laura ORCID logo; Herzschuh, Ulrike ORCID logo; Laepple, Thomas ORCID logo; Hébert, Raphaël ORCID logo; Ewald, Peter; Li, Chenzhi ORCID logo; Böhmer, Thomas ORCID logo
Publisher PANGAEA
Publication Year 2023
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Spatial Coverage (-170.248W, 18.383S, 44.470E, 75.333N); Taymyr peninsula, northern Siberia; Asia; Achit-Nur, Mongolia; Russia; Lake Almalou, Islamic Republic of Iran; Lake Aral, Kazakhstan; Baidara, Russia; Nikolay Lake, Lena Delta, Russia; Siberia, Russia; Lake Boguda, Russia; Northern China and Xingjiang; Bugristoe, Russia; Chabada Lake, Russia; Chernoe Lake, Russia; Cherny Yar, Russia; northeastern Siberia; Cape Shpindler, Yugorski Peninsula, Russia; Daba-Nur, Mongolia; Derput, Russia; Dood-Nur, Mongolia; Bolshoe Eravnoe Lake, Russia; Gun-Nur, Mongolia; North Pacific Ocean; Hoton-Nur, Mongolia; Elgygytgyn crater lake, Sibiria, Russia; Yenisei, Siberia, Russia; China; Karasieozerskoe, Russia; Karase Lake, Kazakhstan; Arctic Ocean; Kotyrkol Peat Bog, Kazakhstan; Lake Kotokel; Labaz Lake area; Polar Urals; Lake Madjagara, Russia; Maharlou Lake, Islamic Republic of Iran; Maksimkin Yar, Russia; Mokhovoye, Kazakhstan; Nizhnevartovsk, Russia; Novo-Uspenka, Russia; Nulsaveito, Russia; Lake Nuochaga, Russia; Ozerki, Kazakhstan; Pashennoe, Kazakhstan; Petropavlovka, Russia; Taymyr; Lake Billyakh, Verkhoyansk Mountains, Yakuti, Russia; Two-Yurts Lake; Pur-Taz Peatland, Russia; Gulf of Tartary; Suollakh, Russia; Sverdrup, Russia; Teguldet, Russia; Gomishan, Islamic Republic of Iran; Lake Urmia, Iran; UstMashevskoe, Russia; Lake Zeribar, Iran
Temporal Coverage Begin 1959-06-17T00:00:00Z
Temporal Coverage End 2011-08-11T00:00:00Z