FRAMZY 2007 - Third Field Experiment on Fram Strait Cyclones and their Impact on Sea Ice: meteorological measurements of the research aircraft Falcon, 16 autonomous ice buoys and 13 autonomous water buoys


The drift buoys experiment FRAMZY 2007 consisted of the deployment and tracking of an array of 29 drifting autonomous buoys (16 ice, 13 water) in the Fram Strait region. The buoys were deployed in March 2007 and sampled data until end of April 2007.

                The aim of the experiment was to study the Atmosphere-Ocean interaction and the Atmosphere-Ice-Ocean interaction, especially the impact of cyclones on the energy budget of sea ice and ocean surface.

                FRAMZY 2007 was the third one in a series of five field experiments (1999,2002,2008,2009) carried out in the frame of the Collaborative Research Centre 512 (Cyclones and the North Atlantic Climate System) funded by the German Science Foundation.
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Spatial Coverage (-15.000W, 76.200S, 25.000E, 85.000N)
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