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Pollen analyst: Chun Chang HuangLaboratory: Palaeoenvironmental Research Unit, NUI Galway, Galway, IrelandDate pollen analysis completed 1992Sampling in the field: MAM IIIb, c (duplicate cores) sampled using 5 cm diameter Livingstone corer in 1 m drives; top-sediment (1 m) sampled (MAM IIIa) by Mackereth 1-m pneumatic corer. MAM III consists of MAM IIIa (0 to 86 cm; Mackereth core) & IIIc (86-420)"Stratigraphy: Mineral-rich (inorganic content >50% throughout) dark gyttja; basal 20 cm silt/clay (end of YD)Length of core (Holocene only) (m): 4.3 mProfile SHE III (in cm): 0-418Pollen sampling details: sampling density: variable; varies between 2 to 12 cm; average 6 cm; samples 1 cm thick. Pollen preparation: Lycopodium spore suspension of known concentration added; acetolysis, mounted in glycerinePollen identification and counting: Cereal-type pollen differentiated using Beug (1961) criteria but 40 um (rather than 38 µm) taken as cutoff point. Pollen nomenclature generally follows Moore et al. 1991. <1 = recorded outside the pollen counts (most samples searched for additional taxa). Distinction between Myrica and Corylus made Charcoal particles ≥37 um counted during routine pollen counting

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