Sulfur speciation in bottom sediments from deep-sea basins of the Atlantic Ocean


Distribution of reduced sulfur forms in vertical sediment sections in deep-sea basins of the Atlantic Ocean is under study. Presence of weak sulfate reduction process resulted from low concentrations of reactive organic matter and differing by characteristic features of the initial stage of development. Interpretation of results is given on the base of consideration of dynamic redox equilibrium in the system: reduced sulfur - dissolved oxygen.

Supplement to: Morozov, Andrey A; Rozanov, Alexander G (1984): On speciation of reduced sulfur in sediments of Moroccan and Iberian Basins of the Atlantic Ocean. Litologiya i Poleznyye Iskopaemyye (Lithology and Mineral Resources), 19(4), 33-43

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Creator Morozov, Andrey A; Rozanov, Alexander G
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Contributor P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow
Publication Year 1984
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Spatial Coverage (-14.305W, 32.928S, -8.987E, 41.050N); Morocco Basin; Atlantic Ocean; Iberian Basin