Lufttemperatur (dygnsmedelvärde), Tarfala forskningsstation 1965-2011


Daily mean air temperature from Tarfala Research Station 1965-2011 based on automatic weather recordings. From 1965 to 1989 air temperatures were measured with platinum resistance thermometers (Pt100) placed in a Stevenson type radiation screen and recorded every minute by chart recorders. In 1988 a new automatic weather station was installed. Both systems were operated in parallel until 1998 to allow direct comparison. Since 1 July, 1989, the data from the new automatic station have been used in the Tarfala temperature series. In July 1995, the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) installed an automatic weather station approximately 20 m east of the Tarfala weather station as part of their national network. Data from SMHI and those from additional sensors at the Tarfala station were used to fill occasional gaps in the data series. When simultaneous measurements were not available gaps were filled using downscaled ERA40 data of the grid cell containing Tarfala.

Daglig genomsnittlig lufttemperatur från Tarfala Research Station 1965-2011 baserat på automatiska vädermätningar. Se engelska katalogsidan för en mer utförlig beskrivning av data:

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Publication Year 2018
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