Turbidity measurements in 96-wells microplates to determine the densities of copiotrophic and oligotrophic bacteria with the Most-Probable-Number-method during POLARSTERN cruise ANT-XI/2


A new microtiter-plate dilution method was applied during the expedition ANTARKTIS-XI/2 with RV Polarstern to determine the distribution of copiotrophic and oligotrophic bacteria in the water columns at polar fronts. Twofold serial dilutions were performed with an eight-channel Electrapette in 96-wells plates by mixing 150 µl of seawater with 150 µl of copiotrophic or olitrophic Trypticase-Broth, three times per well. After incubation of about 6 month at 2 °C, turbidities were measured with an eight-channel photometer at 405 nm and combinations of positive test results for three consecutive dilutions chosen and compared with a Most Probable Number table, calculated for 8 replicates and twofold serial dilutions. Densities of 12 to 661 cells/ml for copiotrophs, and 1 to 39 cells/ml for oligotrophs were found. Colony Forming Units on copiotrophic Trypticase-Agar were between 6 and 847 cells/ml, which is in the same range as determined with the MPN method.

Supplement to: Tan, Tjhing Lok; Reinke, Manfred; Rüger, Hans-Jürgen (1996): New dilution method in microtiter-plates for enumeration and enrichment of copiotrophic and oligotrophic bacteria. Archiv für Hydrobiologie Supplement, 137(4), 511-521

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