Ecomorphology of the mangrove oyster Crassostrea cucullata in a mangrove swamp in Gazi (Kenya) in May 1991

Data on environmental factors, physical properties and live biomass of <i>Crassostrea cucullata</i> species sampled in a mangrove swamp in Gazi (May 1991). The data were digitized by VLIZ from the original report: Joseck, D. M. (1991). Aspects of ecomorphology of the mangrove oyster, Crassostrea cucullata, BORN (Bivalvia). BSc Thesis. University of Nairobi/KBP Kenya: Nairobi. 55 pp.

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Discipline Marine Science
Spatial Coverage (39.515W, -4.435S, 39.515E, -4.435N)
Temporal Point 1991-05-01T00:00:00Z