Analysis of magnetic properties via the F-mu-F state in inorganic flourides


Here we propose to investigate the fluroide containing compounds - AgF2, CuF2 and Cs2CuF4. By taking advantage of the F-mu-F coupling wich occurs in these compounds, we will gain insight into the nature of the magnetism observed in these three inorganic compounds. AgF2 is a parent compound of the unique 2D Heisenberg ferromagnet Cs2AgF4, which has been investigated by us in detail. Although there is a difference in the structures, AgF2 is antiferromagnetic and a direct comparison with the antiferromagnet CuF2 will enhance understanding of how magnetism arises in these transition metal fluoride containing compounds. Moreover a further comparison with Cs2CuF4 will deepen the understanding of the differences which arise in copper containing and silver containing fluorides, as the nature of their magnetism is unknown.

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Creator Dr Sylvia McLain; Professor Stephen Blundell; Dr John Turner; Miss Elizabeth Jacobs; Dr Sean Giblin
Publisher ISIS Neutron and Muon Source
Publication Year 2011
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