Arctic Ocean 2016 - Kontinuerliga mätningar av kvicksilverarter i luften


This dataset contains data collected during the Canadian-Swedish expedition Arctic Ocean 2016. The research cruise took place August through September 2016, using the icebreaker Oden. For ship data from the cruise, as well as graphics and files describing the route, see For descriptions of Work Packages and research conducted during the cruise, see the SWEDARCTIC Arctic Ocean 2016 Expedition Report: Additional information on the expedition, including links to publications, is available at Work Package: Heavy Metals Monitoring During the Arctic Ocean 2016 expedition gaseous elemental mercury (GEM) was measured continously in air with 5 min resolution using a Tekran 2537B cold vapor atomic flourescence spectrometer, installed on the 4th deck in the fore of the ship. Fractionation of oxidized forms of mercury species in air was performed using a Tekran 1130/35 mercury speciation unit. The instrument fractionate oxidized mercury into gaseous oxidized mercury (Hg(II), GOM) and particulate mercury <2.5 um (Hg(II), HgP). Oxidized mercury species in air were measured every 4th hour along the cruise track. Data include: Gaseous elemental mercury and oxidized mercury species in air.

Data insamlade under den svensk-kanadensiska expeditionen Arctic Ocean 2016, med forskningskryssningen Oden. För mer information se den engelska katalogsidan:

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Creator Gårdfeldt, Katarina
Publisher Swedish National Data Service; Svensk nationell datatjänst
Publication Year 2023
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