Concentration of organic compounds in aerosols and surface waters of the East Atlantic and Antarctic


The data on content and composition of lipids and aliphatic hydrocarbons (HC) in aerosols and surface waters obtained during the spring-summer periods of 2001 and 2003 along the vessel route from the North Sea to the Antarctic and backwards are presented. It was shown that the distribution of organic compounds is caused by influence of zonal supply of eolian matter from land, anthropogenic, and marine autochtonous sources. Concentrations of organic compounds in the aerosols varied from 0.22 to 13.04 ng/m3 for lipids and from 0.04 to 7.03 ng/m3 for aliphatic HC; in surface waters, it from 9 to 84 and from 1 to 53 µg/l, respectively. There is correlation between fluxes of lithogenic fraction of the aerosols, HC, and lipids. Growth of productivity in the aquatic area increases levels of the HC in the surface waters but to a lower degree than HC supply with oil contamination.

Supplement to: Nemirovskaya, Inna A (2006): Organic compounds in the aerosols and surface waters of the East Atlantic. Oceanology, 46(3), 348-357

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