Phytoplankton data collected in the Black Sea during the 117th cruise of the R/V "Kovalevskiy" in 1990

Phytoplankton data collected in the Black Sea during 117 cruise of the R/V "Kovalevskiy" and processed by Lyudmila Georgieva. <br> Samples were taken with 6 liter bathometers at standard depths and in the thermocline layer. 1-3 liter of water was concentrated by inverse filtering. Organisms were counted with a Nauman camera 0.4 cm³ or 0.001-0.01 cm³ for nanophytoplankton.

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Publisher Blue-Cloud Data Discovery & Access service; EurOBIS - EMODnet Biology
Contributor Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ); National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas
Publication Year 2024
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Discipline Marine Science
Spatial Coverage (29.800W, 43.100S, 33.490E, 46.210N)
Temporal Coverage Begin 1990-05-09T00:00:00Z
Temporal Coverage End 1990-06-04T00:00:00Z