Downcore data for sediment core M77/2_52-2


Downcore data for core M77/2 52-2. PD is the mean pore density of Bolivina spissa for this depth. N is the number of specimens used for the pore density analysis in this sample. [NO3-]BW was calculated from the pore density of Bolivina spissa using eq. 3. δ18O and δ13C were measured on Uvigerina peregrina. δ15N was measured on bulk sediment.

Supplement to: Glock, Nicolaas; Erdem, Zeynep; Wallmann, Klaus; Somes, Christopher J; Liebetrau, Volker; Schönfeld, Joachim; Gorb, Stanislav N; Eisenhauer, Anton (2018): Coupling of oceanic carbon and nitrogen facilitates spatially resolved quantitative reconstruction of nitrate inventories. Nature Communications, 9(1)

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Publication Year 2019
Funding Reference German Research Foundation Crossref Funder ID 27542298 Climate - Biogeochemistry Interactions in the Tropical Ocean
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Spatial Coverage (-81.450 LON, -5.484 LAT)