Zooplankton abundance measured on multinet samples during POLARSTERN cruise ARK-IX/4 to the Laptev Sea and Arctic Ocean in 1993


Zooplankton was collected along five transects starting from the Laptev Sea continental shelf over the shelf break into the deep Eastern Nansen and Amundsen Basins . Sampling was carried out between 12 August and 22 September, 1993 during the cruise with RV "Polarstern" (ARK-IX/4). Five depth strata from the bottom or 1500 m to the surface were sampled in vertical manner with a multiple opening-closing net (Multinet Midi, Hydrobios, Kiel, 0.25 m**2 mouth opening, 150 µm mesh). Regular depth intervals on the outer shelf were 0-10-25-50-100-200 m. At the deep stations (>500 m) depth layers 0-25-50-200-500-1500 m (or bottom) were sampled. The zooplankton samples were preserved in 4% borax-buffered formalin. All zooplankton organisms from a sample were sorted to main taxonomical groups and for copepods further to species and stage level. Numerous zooplankton organisms were counted from an aliquot (the smallest one was 1:32) of a sample, while rare organisms were counted from the whole sample. Calanus finmarchicus and C. glacialis copepodite stages IV-VI were separated by prosome length according to Tande et al. (1985): CV > 3.0 mm and females > 3.2 were determined as C. glacialis.

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Spatial Coverage (30.267W, 76.500S, 133.583E, 82.750N); Arctic Ocean; Kara Sea; Laptev Sea
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