Microapleontological and geochemical analyses from the Indian sector of the Southern Ocean between MIS 12 and MIS 10


Micropaleontological (coccolith, planktonic foraminifera) and geochemical (CaCO3, CaXRF, δ18O N. pachyderma, δ13C N. pachyderma) analyses from sediment core MD04-2718 retrieved from the Subantarctic zone (SAZ) of the Indian Southern Ocean covering the time interval from Marine Isotope Stage (MIS) 12 to MIS 10 (440,000– 360,000 years). Coccolith abundances and masses were performed using SYRACO software at Geoscience Paris-Saclay Laboratory (GEOPS). CaCO3 percentages were also measured at GEOPS. Foraminifera abundances and masses and stable oxygen and carbon isotopes were performed at Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement (LSCE). SST were calculated using two methods : the Modern Analogue Technique (Haddam et al., 2016) and the percentage of N. pachyderma s. (Govin et al., 2009). CaXRF measurements were performed at ETH, Zurich. These approaches allowed to decipher the variations in Carbonate Counter Pump and upwelling strength in the Indian Sector of the Southern Ocean between MIS 12 and MIS 10, including the Termination V and interglacial MIS 11.

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